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Friday, March 21, 2014

We are not enemies of one another

Mission San José Door (square)

Beautiful churches are found in many places. Different styles and materials may be brought together in different ways. Their outward appearance is often inspiring, but we know that the real treasure is the God that inhabits our worship, and the individuals the churches are designed to inspire. The architecture and the artwork contained within them are meant to teach, to convey spiritual truths, to promote meaningful reflection, and to elevate our minds to higher thoughts.

We visited San Antonio eight years ago, and Mission San José, which is nearby. It is one of the old Catholic Missions in the area. These photos are of the door to the church. I liked its detailed wood carving, and the rose in the center. 

There may be things that separate us, but our Faith should always bring us together, no matter who we are. We are not enemies of one another, but rather pilgrims together, all on a journey. We ought to help one another in kindness and truth.

"We are commanded to have only one enemy, the devil. With him never be reconciled! But with a brother, never be at enmity in thy heart." -St. John Chrysostom.

May we reach out to one another today.

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