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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Searching for Signs of Spring

Seamus Shivers, But Doesn't Swerve From the Mission

Photos from April 14, 2009.

A walk in the rain one early spring day. Seamus would need a raincoat this time because it was still pretty cold. The field grasses hadn't grown tall yet, as they would do when the summer months arrived. He could stand or sit far away from me and I could still see him plainly.

He and I wandered around. Down to see the horses. Down to the creek. Looking for signs of spring. He and I are spring lovers, not built for the cold weather months that linger for so long in the midwest. We need to smell the growing things and see the green come up magically from the ground after being buried for months under snow. We like to run in the fields and hear the wind rush past our ears.

Though the snow had passed for now, we were on a mission to find some early signs that things were going to start growing soon.

The creek flowed briskly by,

A Creek Runs Through It

Signs of squirrels feasting on Hickory nuts...

Hickory Nuts