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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home, Springtime Evening Light.

I feel like I live between the spaces. So much of what happens in our lives, happens between things.

I sometimes feel I am living life in the shadows, too, where the lighting isn't as bright and the way isn't as clear.

I sometimes feel that I am weightless, and that I leave no footsteps when I walk, because my life is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. There are events happening on a much bigger stage, and our influence on that stage may seem very small.

But I sometimes feel that I can do great things, powerful things, things that make a difference for others, for us, for now. And I think again, of the many people who have done great things by simply doing the next thing, and by being faithful to do the next thing, over and over again.

My Maple Tree Sunset


Peter Olson said...

I understand that if you drop a pebble in the ocean, the ripple will travel through the water indefinitely, to all the shores that the ocean touches.

You my friend, have touched many hearts. The ripple of love that you have created will travel throughout eternity. Never underestimate your value and impact.

Beautiful photos and words

Love and hugs!

marylea said...

Peter, You are very kind. Your own life is a wonderful example of putting others before yourself. It is in those daily choices that we find meaning and blessing. Thanks for your sweet comment.