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Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd Magnolia

The "Good Shepherd" magnolia.

We have a loving Father who cares about us, who cares for us.

Having heard and read about the Gosnell trial and the atrocious details, and seeing the report on the news last night as a jury deliberates this case, I am wondering how we can continue to deny that there is something wrong in our national thinking about the abortion issue. Like so many, I am wondering how this case will be determined and what it reveals about the American psyche.

Here, in this photo, behind the magnolias, is a depiction of the Resurrected Christ. Christ, who is our Good Shepherd, who seeks out the lamb who is lost, who has strayed. Sometimes we know we are lost or have wandered, and other times we are oblivious. This seems to be our current condition. I have no doubt that many who support abortion, do so with good intentions. However, an act that is inherently in error, cannot be correct, whatever the end may be. Abortion is not a solution, and can never be seen that way.

Our Creative Father can help bring good from our mistakes, though. Even the most egregious. This is my hope, and my prayer.

I took this photo last night on my way home from work. The St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church magnolia is probably the biggest one in the area. It's certainly one of the most beautiful.

photos from May 3,  2013.

Magnolias Against the Blue Sky


Algy said...

Algy couldn't find a way of contacting you on Tumblr, so is leaving a comment here. Algy sends you warm greetings and a fluffy wave from the west coast of the chilly Scottish Highlands, and thanks you very much for following his Adventures and for your lovely comments and "likes" :) He thinks your photos of magnolia blossoms are absolutely gorgeous, and especially loves this one framing the Resurrection window. He is looking forward to seeing many more of your images. Please feel free to contact Algy (or his assistant) any time on Tumblr - they would love to hear from you. xx

marylea said...

You have a wonderful talent and communicate such likable messages through your animation. I do love it and am happy you found a way to connect with me through my blog. Be well and best to you. I will enjoy following Algy.