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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Corn Harvesting in Michigan

The corn was harvested in early December in 2009. This year it was soybeans in the same field. The soybeans were harvested in late October. We don't farm ourselves, but living here closer to the seasons makes me appreciate the effort that is spent on cultivating. We planted a very modest garden of our own this year. When the cucumbers emerged from the vine, it was like a small miracle had taken place. Food came from the earth!

It is funny to me that in only one or two generations we have nearly forgotten what it is to have a vegetable garden and to grow our own food. We are so dependent on others for our basics, that I almost forgot that I can plant and grow myself. It is a great thing to be able to depend on others, for it teaches us to group together. But it seems good to re-learn some basic skills and perhaps some new tricks to make the job easier. I'll be planting more vegetables next year and remembering my grandparents and their own common sense about the garden.


Corn Field in December: Harvest Time

Oak Tree and Corn Field Harvest

John Deere Corn Harvesting

Harvesting Corn, December 2009

Corn Field at Harvest

Dry and Ready for Harvest: Corn

Corn On the Stalk



Lisa said...

Your post touches on something that bothers me a lot. The more we distance ourselves from processes on this planet that gives us everything, the more helpless we become. Even worse, we take miraculous wonders for granted, because we did not labor to get them. We are replacing simple joys for complicated entertainment.

marylea said...

Lisa, I agree completely. It's why I prefer living in a more rural setting, and why we are trying to relearn some of those basic skills. I know you love to garden, too. It's the place where I feel closest to my parents and their parents, and the place I feel closet to God (outside of the Sanctuary). Doing the tasks that go along with cultivation are our connection with the past and with so many other cultures. I am much more content being involved in this productive activity than engaging in many of those more "complicated entertainments" that entice us every day. Thanks so much for reading, and for leaving a comment. Take care.