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Monday, May 01, 2006

Getting to know you...

So I have not been all that successful maintaining one blog, and here I find myself with two! Not sure if this will provide a nice opportunity for my alter ego, or if it will contain more of the drivel that runs through my mind daily, or if perchance, it may be enlightening on occasion, (if only for me!).

I started into this blog world at the constant urging of my youngest daughter, who has an active life in what they call the LJ (livejournal) crowd. So my "real" journal began there. (see my first LJ post here). It was a way for our family to stay connected, and in little ways, to share what we were doing when we were all so geographically dispersed. Now, here, at blogspot, I feel I have moved to another city, and must learn to navigate this website before I will feel "at home".

Happily, I ran into old friends yesterday, who are well connected in the blogspot community, and therefore I am making a foray here.

I have errands and chores to do today, and must to them get. I'll be back.

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